Monday, August 1, 2011

Crocheted Breakfast

Yesterday, I crocheted breakfast.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I crocheted breakfast, and no I did not lose my mind.  I needed to submit an entry to NerdWars on Ravelry, which answered the challenge to craft with something that is not yarn or normal fiber arts materials.  I was initially going to crocheted birds' nests out of fresh pasta to put meatballs in.  The problem was A. it's been too hot to make my own pasta- definitely too humid.  B. Buitoni is not that fresh but on the dry side, so it was too brittle to work with.  Despite having other items in my house to work with - my  husband has miles of cables, fiber optics and wire - but my head was stuck on food.  

Looking in my fridge, I saw a tube of Pillsbury Crescent Roll Dough.

I rolled it out with a dusting of flour on a cutting board and with a pizza cutter cut it into 3 strips.  While I worked with one strip I put the others in the fridge to keep them cold - because I wanted the finished food to be fluffy.  I then cut each strip in half, and each piece almost to the end.


I took this "u" shaped piece and rolled it into a ropey yarn.


For my first few pieces I just chained the entire strip with my largest plastic crochet hook a size P. And then rolled it around a muffin tin to make a bowl.


I then got a bit braver and actually crocheted a 3-dimensional bowl.  (non-crocheters this will seem like greek, and I do apologize)  I chained 5, joined with a sc ( a slip was too hard) into a loop, chained one. I [sc, ch2] all around and joined the end with a sc, then tucked the end piece in. (no tapestry needle here folks)

Now ALL the non-crocheters can jump in - just put squares and bend them into the muffin tin.

I "lined"  each of the bowls with half a piece of procuitto. ( I was kind of sloppy - if you want to eat my food you better not bitch about the presentation- if you want to impress your company make it neater - I won't be offended. )  I then put a dollop of basil pesto.  It's n easy thing to make in the blender - the best jarred pesto I've found is the one at Costco - and there aren't an preservatives in it.  I usually keep a jar in the fridge - Angie likes making her grilled cheese with them, warming leftover chicken with it, puts it on her scrambled eggs, the non-pasta uses is endless.  I put some shredded 6 cheese italian cheese in each bowl.

I whipped 3 eggs with some italian seasoning a sprinkle of sugar and some italian herb seasoning.  I poured it into the 6 bowls.  I then put some shredded cheese on top.  Baked it in the oven at 375 for 20 minutes.  I let it cool 6 or 7 minutes before lifting it out of the muffin tin, and viola - Nerd brunch!


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