Monday, August 29, 2011


I decided yesterday's post was getting too long and split it.

Tuesday Min and I walked to a local place for breakfast.  I had a super yummy chorizo and ham hash with eggs and rye toast.  I am going to make this occasionally on the weekends!


We walked to the Post Office where we were in hysterics trying to decide how many times the woman behind us would sigh loudly before we left.  I didn't even come close with 18.  And she kept making REALLY LOUD phone calls - made worse by the echoing in the place.  So we knew she had to be somewhere, she wasn't expecting a line- even though she gave up the day before at a different post office because of the line, that she still needed to take a shower, that she wanted to wear her light blue shirt that wasn't pressed, and that she was going to be late!!

Back at Min's we watched one more episode of Decoded before I started getting my stuff together to ride home.  Then there was an odd noise, Fe began freaking out (ok not that uncommon for Fe) and then the entire house started rolling/shaking.  Min looks at me and asks if we are having an earthquake.  My answer can only be yes.  The construction workers on the scaffolding down the street start yelling.  We grabbed our phones and I can tell you the cell service and download speeds were very slow as we tried getting more info.  About 10 minutes later the tv started having news reports. My brother who lives in CA was picking on me for those reports- he asked don't east coast people know to take cover not wander aimlesly outside where stuff can fall on them?  The answer - NO, 

Thanks to traffic getting out of Philly ( I think all the people who left their buildings just went home because it felt like rush hour to me) I then hit rush hour in north Jersey as well (although bright side I did see another Braun's truck on Route 1 - i told you I have issues)  It took me a total of about 4 hours to make a 2 hour trip.  We were at my father in law's for a bit (sad that the Angie called him to tell him he was ok before telling me)  and then I was tired. and hungry. So on the way home we stopped at the diner for food.  Chicken picatta for me.  Really good.  I got to bed at 11pm- had to get up at 230am.  Can we say extra coffee??? 


  1. Yet again you survive another natural disaster...Are you sure you aren't related to Mother Nature? LOL

  2. I am reading all of your posts, I just have gotten very lazy about responding, I will try to improve that, I DID not feel the earthquake I was heading back from a MD appt, and missed it!


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