Sunday, February 5, 2012

Congrats Giants SuperBowl Champs

Now let's talk about the important topics,  The commercials.  Overall I think the quality of the commercials was lacking this year.  Some ad agencies were clearly trying to hard.  Many of the commercials were just plain stupid.  Apparently Go Daddy's demographic is male virgins living in mom's basement.   I totally did not get what an overweight dog,  working out to get fit enough to chase a VW has to do with the segue into Darth Vader. Other than to tie into last year's commercial which was awesome.  Then there was the Ferris Beuller commercial - what was their demographic?  People who were teenagers in the early 80's ??  I don't even know what the ad was for.  So Ad Fail.

I don't drink a lot of soda.  My favorite isn't marketed in NJ.  But if given a choice between coke & pepsi I'll take coke.  Given a choice of pepsi - I'll be thirsty.  While coke's liberal use of polar bears and penguins together irritates me.  I had to smile at the polar bear catching the bottle - of course after all the jiggling he won't be able to open it until next week.
Then there was the ad with the little dog in sneakers racing the grey hounds.  I was watching thinking - oh lord this is stupid.  Then the dog turned around just before the finish line and moonwalked across.  Ok you won me over I liked it.
My favorite commercial of the night was near the beginning of the game.  Vampires partying around a bon fire in the woods, while an Audi is driving through the woods with a cooler of blood. When the Audi gets to the clearing all the vampires begin vaporizing - because of the daylight headlights. See - it can be done, good commercial, entertaining, and I remember what it's for!

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  1. While you got the worst commercial (dumbass Danica), you missed the best (M&Ms).


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