Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finished project


As some of you know, I work with carpet.  Last summer - when I was dealing with outside garden - and other people had to deal with stuff in the dept outside of the actual carpet rolls themselves, someone screwed up and ordered way to many of carpet samples we didn't need.  And so, when recently we had our styles changed for the new year there were a lot of samples that suddenly became garbage.  Carpet is ultimately made from oil - nylon, polyester, olefin are all forms of plastic that comes from oil and can be recycled.  We recycle the carpet we rip out of peoples houses.  We don't have a way of recycling samples.  So I asked for and was given permission to take a few of the packs - still wrapped in carpet.

I crocheted a bottom for them and created.... coasters!!


Many thanks to Grace, for her scrap green yarn!

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  1. Your coasters are very, very kewl! I had noticed them on our Rav page and was covetous. :-)


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