Saturday, February 11, 2012

Creeepy Cute Swap

The next swap I was in was the Creepy Cute Swap.  In the questionnaire you had to say which Creepy you would love to have on your nightstand.  Your partner was supposed to make that creepy and send it with some extras.  My partner wanted a knight in shining armor. So I used Vanna's glitter yarn - held 2 strands together for his armor.  I didn't take a picture of the swap I sent... again... oops. But here is a picture of the knight.


My answer to the question was..... a Trojan... I mean it seemed like obviously the right answer.  It took Curt a few minutes to get that... you'd think he'd understand me by now...  So here is a picture of what Lisa (c-three on Rav) sent me:


That bright red flamingo is a pen!!!  It's feet are it's base!!  How freakin cool is that??  I wish I had a desk at work now!  The candle is sweet fig scented - yummy.  I don't think Lisa looks at my blog - but if she does - Thanks again Lisa!

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