Friday, February 17, 2012

How cool is this?


So a new policy is going into effect at work.  Rumors of it started floating around in November.  A few smart people started dealing with it in December.  Now the deadline is looming and people are finally panicking and trying to get done.  The trouble is - they all have to go through me - and the last minute people are in a crunch.

As of March 1st - all the people in the store that work freight schedules, have to have at least 2 machine licenses with which to move said freight.  It only makes sense.  If your job is to move freight, whether it be pack out - getting stuff from receiving to the floor (and getting the excess up into the overheads) or pack down- bringing that excess down and putting it on the shelf when we sell through - how can you get your job done if you can't actually get the stuff back and forth, up and down??  Right now - these people have to get other people to stop what they are doing to do it for them.  A lot of people, work these positions to get a steady schedule. Weekends off.

So as the store lift truck trainer - I've been busy.  I can't train after 10 am - and lets face it once the store starts getting crowded with people- I don't really want to. So I start dark and early at 430 am.  Twice a week to accommodate the night crew, I've been coming in at 3am.  One other detail - no matter which lift we are talking about - the training always starts outside- where it is less likely that someone can do damage.  For those that never noticed - February tends to be called... um.. winter??  It can be cold in the winter.  We have had a relatively mild winter.  But there have been a few cold mornings.

Can I tell you how tired I am of all the whining?? About the cold?? About the rain??  These people know they are training.  They know they go outside.  They are only out there for an hour. I'm out there for almost 6.  I'm not complaining.  If the cold bothers you - dress appropriately.


  1. I sense that you need to whap a few people upside the head.

  2. Great post ~ Some people just like to complain ~ enjoy the weekend ~ Carol (A Creative Harbor)


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