Thursday, June 11, 2015

Choose Your Own Autobiography

I just finished reading this and it really is a fun book. Harris wrote it like a choose your own adventure book, so at the end of every chapter it gives you a couple choices and the corresponding pages. Some choices are blatantly wrong, and you get a clearly made up story, others are less obviously wrong but leads to "THE END"
The book covers his youth and his discovery of his love of performance, his fascination with the magic of back stage tricks and how props made of basically crap come magically alive on stage.
How he discovered his sexuality and met his husband. I really loved the cross country scavenger hunt surprise birthday party his husband came up with that led to a lot of locations where pivotal moments happened.
Overall I highly recommend it (and I usually don't read biographies) I'm not sure how it would translate into a audio book though

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