Monday, June 29, 2015

Store customer cards.

I have a whole extra keychain that has a ton of store loyalty cards on it.  Most of the time, since I rarely have my purse with me, I have to remember which phone number is attached to the card so they can look it up.  (In the case of Best Buy - I haven't lived at the phone number attached to our card in 13 years, have tried changing it repeatedly - you would think a company selling technology would be able to take care of it.. but NO. They say it's fixed... and it isn't... reason number 1,238,336 I won't be buying any more tech products from them) Anyway, this isn't about them - it's about my local supermarket.  Almost a year ago-ish they stopped carrying the shampoo, conditioner and split end repair cream I like to use.  Ok, not thrilled, I stop in either Ulta or Harmon's to get it. Slightly less convenient, because it's an extra stop - but not annoying enough to get mad or shop online.

Since THEY stopped carrying it, I keep getting coupons at the register :


I know this one is expired, but I think I threw out the "we miss you" coupon from a couple days ago.

This is what is on their shelf:


I have never bought these.  I don't have dry hair!  I have chemically treated hair - very different!!  I use this line:

 If they would put this on the shelf - I would keep buying it for convenience at Shop Rite!!  If they want to track my usage and realize I have stopped buying Pantene Expert - they should look at what product I stopped buying!!  They are annoying me now!

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