Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My One Hundredth Post for the Year

I made 100 posts!!  Not bad for a comeback and it's not halfway through the year yet!  I'm trying for 100 random thoughts, so this post may actually not post until tomorrow... and may not have 100 thoughts ...

1. Really glad Curt and I met a second time - and the second time it stuck.

2. Very proud of the person the Angie has turned out to be.

3. I wish my brother lived on this side of the continent.

4. I worry about how Christopher is going to turn out.

5. Curt turns 50 this fall, if I throw him an evil birthday party he will have a year to plot his revenge... well 51 weeks anyway.

6.  I'm totally beating my mom and father in law on the gardening front.

7.  It's Braun's Day!!

8.  I hate summer... it's too freakin hot!

9.  I must really find a way to make amends to the sports gods.. they are KILLING me!

10. It's been "forever" since I've had brunch with Grace.

11. I hope Felix likes the Christmas pressie I got him (yes I have one Christmas present purchased!!)

12. I wish I could get Curt to tell me why he's in such a funk lately.

13. I wonder if the post will be too long if I throw pictures with some of these thoughts.. I could use little ones..

14. I'm going to have to help Fred this week.

15. I want to finish the giraffe this week, elbow be damned!

16. I want to finish the Benjamin sweater this month! 

17. I have special edition yarn "Live Long and Prosper" in sock and sport weight.  I am really itching to cast at least one on - but need a pattern.

18.  Looked at a preview of this post at 17 thoughts - definitely not enough room for pictures ... may need to go with smaller font.

19. The only redeeming quality Don has is he shows up for work, and that can go both ways - he irritates the hell out of me when he's there.

20. Why is there a yield to giraffe sign somewhere in Norway??

21. Too much rain last week has some of the leaves on my plants turning yellow.

22. I need to remember to add some epsom salts to my tomatoes and peppers tomorrow.

23. Can't believe I have to help the Angie move again...

24. The 24th is my brother's birthday.. also the birthday of John T.. most useless human ever.

25. If I had telekinesis I would mostly use it to refill my coffee mug.

26. And drop heavy things on Don and John T.

27. Why do I attract crazy people?

28. I'm hungry

29. Self washing clothes should be a thing... but I guess teflon wouldn't breathe in the summer.

30. The trouble with ordering on line is the wait.

31. whole grain & oat with flax seed blueberry pancakes ... yes on a Tuesday.

32. want bacon too...

33. I guess I don't have 100 thoughts floating around my head.

34. Had to fill out a district court juror survey.  This doesn't bode well.

35. There are some geocaches listed for my town, if it doesn't rain maybe I'll try to find one instead of run later.

36. These cubital stretches make my whole forearm sore.

37. I ordered a sippy cup for my nephew... he's past 2 for heaven's sake!!

38. I want something deep dark fudgy chocolate soooo bad..

39. I have to prune my houseplants

40.  I always feel bad pruning my houseplants.

41.  I almost wrote husband instead of ouseplants.

42.  I wish I could filter the new pattern list on Ravelry by English.. I don't see me learning dutch just to knit, or german just to crochet.

43. I'm pretty sure everyone has stopped reading this post.

44. Why can't I find a bra in emerald?? or real green? not lime or greenish yellow?

45. Google has spoiled me - I get disappointed when there isn't a doodle..

46. I tried looking up a Google doodle for my birthday. Lebanon's independence day is the only one I found.

47. At least it wasn't the Kennedy assasination.

48. Something else cool must of happened at some point on my birthday..

49. Frederick II was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1220..

50. In 1794 Strasbourg Alsace-Lorraine, prohibits circumcision & wearing of beards... that wouldn't of worked for me.. I have a thing for both.. well goatees, not full out beards.

51. Mount St Helens erupted in 1842.

52. The NHL formed with 5 teams in 1917.

53. Kirk and Uhura have TVs first interracial kiss..

54. That's pretty much it for my birthday.

55. Finished another book.  Not knitting is killing me.

56. These mini naan breads are so freakin cute..

57. Have I mentioned I hate summer?

58. Banks are a pain in the ass. Even the good ones.

59. Wouldn't you know, I'll probably be in Chicago the weekend BEFORE Vogue Live! Sigh.

60. The inquisition, the inquisition...

61. Thunder..all through the night... yup that's my current weather induced earworm. 

62. How can I be thirsty and have to pee at the same time?

63. Got the laundry in just in the nick of time.

64. I can't believe with all the rain we've had, I had to water my plants earlier.. that tells you just how hot it is.

65. If it's currently 93 degrees - how can today's high still be posted as 87?

66. Am I nuts for taking a Coursera and an EdX class on pretty close to the same topic simultaneously?

67. By simultaneous, I do not mean watching the video at the same time.

68. I'm jonesing to cast on a pair of socks... but shouldn't

69. ok - 69 still makes me laugh.

70. One side of my house is dark, one side is still light .. weird

71. Yes I happen to be on the dark side... what of it?

72. Why do people text/im me when my phone is on the other side of the room??

73. How do people cook without cast iron pans???

74. Best Buy thinks I'm getting my next phone from them??? after the hell I went through last time???  I'd rather show up at the Dem National convention in an elephant costume!!

75. I can't believe it's been 3 days I'm working on this post!

76. Braun's Day again!

77. I'd love to hang out for a weekend with Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

78. How do you know when it's time to let go?

79. My fictitious summer lover for when Curt bowls is going to be Argentinian this year.  An Argentinian cowboy,  need a name

80. I was at the library Tuesday. Tuesday evening I get an e-mail that 2 books I requested are ready for pick up.

81. Guinness

82. I have one tomato that is no longer green, not red yet but still...

83. I'm restless and don't know why.

84. Quick healing thoughts out to my sister in law ( John's wife) she had foot surgery.

85. JOhn offered to help come up with an evil party scheme for Curt's 50th... BUT won't promise to help Curt with his revenge 51 weeks later.

86. I'm thinking, Curt, me, hotel room with room service.. make him walk funny...

87. Hmmm an Argentinian cowboy would walk funny from the start...

88. I want a pedicure, but my ankles haven't healed yet.

89. By next week, I'll need a pedicure

90. Hey I'm up to 90!!

91. I guess it wouldn't be funny if I said I'm up to 91 now would it?

92. I finished a book for Wednesday Words.. I should work on that post....

93. I want a pair of red polka dot shoes... 

94. Haven't seen any to purchase, just want a pair..

95. I'm back to looking at fitness watches... 

96. I'm pretty sure no one is still reading..

97. I'm going to end up going all Bill Murray on this one insane squirrel soon.

98. I really hate people.

99.  Why don't villains ever get to win??  In really life they usually do.

100.  I made it to 100!!! woot!!



  1. FYI: I read the whole thing.

    I will join John in the birthday pledge.

    I think Gustavo is a fine name for an Argentinian cowboy. I can also consult my Puerto Rican doctor, who is married to a Guatamalan man for other names, if you would like.

    I NOW HAVE A CAST IRON PAN, thanks to a super awesome friend!

    Fe is super excited about his present!!!! (His mom has already bought four Christmas presents, which means she's about 1/4 done, fyi)

    Summer is THE WORST. Can we move somewhere else together in our next life? Please?

  2. i really don't mind summer, I am not crazy but I wound up your friend, I do have a cast iron pan, yes two years old is too old to be just starting a sippy cup. I worry about him too, Tom is also in a funk and I worry about him and us in the process. I did read every one of your 100 thoughts. And I laughed at 69 too!


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