Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Moon Spinners by Sally Goldenbaum

A nice quick summer read (it's been too hot for anything else since I can't knit or crochet for more than 10 minutes at a time and need to keep my elbow mostly straight)  It's book 3 in the Seaside Knitters series, so as you know I love series where you can follow the characters from book to book.  

I really, really love Birdie the elder matriarch of the group, she has so much spunk and goes after things, I want to be like her when I get old.  The Endicott's remind me of a couple - Nancy and Wil I knew when the Angie was younger. And even though I get seasick at the drop of a hat - I really love Cass - the lobersterwoman.  I really want Sam and Izzy to hook up in a book soon!

The only thing is that after 3 murders in 3 years- you would think the town would get a handle on things and stop acting like ostriches with their heads in the sand or just plain shocked.  Clearly, not a town to visit or move to if you've potentially pissed people off.  

I've already ordered book 4 from the library - so we'll see who gets the axe next!


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  1. i just finished the latest, the murders keep happening but I love visiting with old friends


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