Thursday, June 11, 2015

Life Update.

 I know I've been quiet lately - tried to blog the other day from my phone but it didn't go through - some error message with the picture.  My father in law needed some stents put in -I know he's had cholesterol issues, and despite the issues he's had with cholesterol meds they put him back on.  Me, I've just learned I have cubital tunnel, pretty bad on the left arm, less of a problem in my right elbow.  My left elbow has gotten so bad, I have pretty much constant "electric shocks" from my elbow to my outer fingers, have weird feelings in my pinky and ring fingers, and  pins and needles that wake me up at night.  So limiting the time knitting, need splints that make it hard to sleep at night and braces that prevent bending my elbow to much during the day. UGH. Also need to figure out how to use my phone - I tend to hold it with my left hand and swipe with my right. 

I'll be posting a few  of the posts my phone didn't send later, I can send them to the computer and hopefully post from there.  But recapping, I read a few books, created a new shelf --  "Life is Too Short" because I have been just deleting them off of the Goodreads site, but I almost got the same book again!

Went to Pocono Speedway for the race weekend - there is a rant about that. Serious rant. and Garden pics of course!! 


  1. thanks for the update on what has been going on, sorry things are a mess at the moment. especially sorry about Curt's dad and your arm. I wanted to say I read your post on The Liar, I haven't read it yet but I like the idea of just reading for enjoyment, you nailed it for me with that one!

  2. Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble. I had a serious case of carpal tunnel in my right wrist about 10 years ago. Did the brace thing for about 6 weeks and changed the circumstances... keyboards, mice, office setup, etc. I had read that the surgery was only 50% effective so I didn't want to go through that! Hope your issues resolve soon with minimal intervention.


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