Monday, October 13, 2008


Ok, bad sports weekend - very very bad sports weekend. Surprised I didn't have a stroke. Seriously. Friday night the Devils won - YAY!; Saturday they played like crap and had to go to OT to get the win, but at least it's a W. saturday nite, Tony gets caught speeding down pit road, ends up with an 11th place finish. Jimmie Johnson is still in 1st place by 69 points now over Jeff Burton. Ugghh. And Tony is 230 something points down. I just can't wait for this NASCAR season to be over with. If Johnson wins the championship you will hear me screaming no matter where you are! College football - Notre Dame gets spanked by the Tarheels, I mean I figured they would lose, but at least show up! Tha Aggies rolled over to the Wildcats - seriously they lost by 14 points. Ok so Sunday I could watch football without cutting back and forth to the race. But of course the 2 games that mattered most to me - actually 3 games were all the 4 o'clock games. Ugghhh. The one game I wasn't rooting against the Cowboys, they literally give away in overtime. ( I really didn't want the Cardinals going 4-2 )the 49ers were holding on until 4th quarter, one interception and they fall apart. 23 unanswered points . That's like an entire game's scoring in one unaswered quarter. My husband was ready to shoot me with a tranquilizer dart. He threatened to disable the tv's next weekend - i asked him if he really wanted me watching in a sports bar somewhere - and he better have bail money set aside. Arrrgghhhhhhh


  1. I will be screaming right along with you if Jimmie wins this one!


  2. (said in a very small voice)

    but the Falcons managed to win one in the final second...


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