Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hey It's my 100th Post!!

cowl #3

Yes, I made another cowl. This time with some Moda Dea Tweedle Dee shaded yarn I had stashed.

giant granny square

And I also finished the giant granny square. I ran out of the original yarn, so I made a border from Bernat's Soft Boucle, I had to hold 2 strands together to match the original guage. I also ad-libbed a few rows on 2 ends to create a rectangle shape, and then did 3 more rows all around. I now have 15 days to finish the ripple 'ghan from hell and seam up my red/white/blue 'ghan.

If I do this again next year, it will be maybe 2 afghans and some squares. And I will finish one before starting another. AACcccckkkkk!!!

Plans for today - football the 49ers are playing the giants. Since I work with a lot of giant fans I really want them to win. Sigh.... The Raiders are playing the jets and Jet fams are so obnoxious when they win, but Carmen can outdo them all with his obnoxiousness, so I'm torn.

Martinsville's race is the Tums 500 - I may need tums by the end of the race! I am hoping to channel the stress into some rows on the ripple ghan. I'm at the point where I just don't want Jimmie Johnson to win another championship!

The Devils won in 2 OT's last night. Good they won, bad it took 2 OT's to do so.

College ball - sigh. The aggies were leading going into halftime, then fell apart. And to texas Tech too. Not good. the Terps won, which will make Moe happy - although Angie is mad at him because he STILL hasn't brought her anything from a game.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. RAIDER NATION RULES!!!!!!!!!!

  2. love the cowl can't wait to see the pattern for them, the blanket came out awesome. And I am just happy the Rays move on to the World Series. I know the owner of the team so thats the only reason I care. I will see you Tuesday!

  3. Your afghan and cowl turned out great! I just discovered that yarn and really like the shaded effect that it gives.

  4. I absolutely love the yarn you chose for your cowl. So beautiful...and nicely done!

  5. Love the cowl! The afghan turned out great! I've been crocheting all my life, but I've never done a Granny Square. I am definitely going to have to try it!

  6. Beautiful cowl! I love the yarn! The afgan is lovely too! :-)

  7. I love the cowl - what fantastic colors! What pattern are you using? Enjoyed the poem to caffeine, as well - ahhh.. coffee....


  8. I love the afghan and cowl! And I must say that you look great in orange!


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