Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tony's doing Jailtime

Ok, now that I have your attention. it's a jail and bail fundraiser the Brienne Davis foundation scholarship fund. She was the Nascar official killed last April in an auto accident. The scholarship is for a $10,000 scholarship awarded yearly to a promising female to attend nascar Tech. Juan Pablo Montoya, David Stremme, Ron Hornaday, Aric Amirola, Ricky Stenhouse and Michael McDowell also participated.

On to other stuff. As you can see I'm posting really early today. yes, I am already home from work. Yay!
I already took care of my appointment I left for and Angie is off from school for the holiday which makes it pretty cool. So we'll be hanging out all day, other than getting our nails done, I'm not sure what she wants to do. She is still in her coma so I can't ask her until later.

have to take pre-felting pics. i needed a break from the ripple ghan from hell, so i knocked out 2 of the dumpling bags from the last issue of Interweave Knits. I did one in a dark red and one in black. i still have to do the embroidery part before I can felt them though. I am STILL waiting on my Malabrigo yarn which supposedly shipped out on Friday. Jeepers, and I just realized I'm not actually sure if the postal service is working today due to the holiday. Arrrghhhhhhhh. I ordered yarn from a dyer in Morristown over the weekend, so I think she posted on her blog, she was mailing them out on Monday - That's not here yet either ( even though there are definitely 3 pairs of socks ahead of that sock yarn I want it in my greedy little paws.)

How odd is this, I was at the executive board meeting (hee hee hee) of the fencing booster club last night ( yes me, hee hee hee). It was a last minute thing, because since the general meeting was cancelled last month due to the Jewsh holiday, we needed to meet up before the winter sports kick off meeting next week. Since it was last minute, we couldn't reserve a room at the school so we had it at Applebees. Let me tell you a Sam Adams oktoberfest makes it much easier to make it through one of those. but I digress - The treasurer saw my bag ( which I've been using for a year now) and asked if i made it. She then told me her niece works in one of the yarn stores in Montclair but couldn't remember which one. Of course I've been dying to go to both stores I know of, but A) need to find time B) need to find them w/o getting lost C) need some $$. Sigh.....

Well. I'm hungry. Maybe the smells of breakfast will wake the dead (angie)



  1. when you find the time and the $$$$ i will go with you I know where one is and the other won't be hard to find at all!! I'll be in touch after we get back from Lake George!

  2. Hi Ria, Thanks for the nice comment about my afghan. I LOVE your ripple afghan, but I understand totally about being the afghan from hell--I did one ripple and I don't think I want to try another. My computer has been having problems so I had to catch up on your blog. So sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother-sounds like she lived a long, successful life.


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