Friday, October 3, 2008


Since Angie couldn't come to the race on Sunday with us, I bought her a t-shirt and got a bunch of drivers to sign it, including Dexter Bean, Ricky Stenthouse Jr, frank Kimmel, Andy Lally, J. Lofton, James Hilton etc.



On Tuesday, I went to Mara's to meet Grace for dessert. Angie came after she conducted her "business" at the bank - depositing her confirmation money. It was Grace's birthday, and I had remembered she said something about stitch markers on her blog a few weeks ago. So I looked in my boxes of beads ( beading just not happening with my nails, but stitch markers I can do) and made these up:



  1. LOL You are the BOMB! Friends who get drivers to sign their boobs for you are true friends. ;)

    Ceci (ceci9293@ravelry from the comment train -- thanks for your comment on my blog! and yes, I should be grateful that dog didn't eat the whole Wii. She's big enough!)

  2. hi there,, another cici here. Nice blog.. I can see you are a big fan! Nice stitch markers!

  3. What a fantastic friend you are to have!!! I'm sure Angie will treasure that shirt for years to come!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog! LOVE your stitch markers!

  4. and i love my markers, they are wonderful and already in use, and your daughter is one of the most poised, confident, beautiful young women I have met in a long time, Good job MOM


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