Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cowls and socks

unpurled cowl - paris night

I got my yarn orders on Friday. The first one I dove into was Malabrigo chunky in Paris Nights. I got from The Backwards Loop . I am test knitting the unpurled cowl for sunnyspirit23 on Ravelry. I did this one with the optional 3 extra rows to make the taller cowl.

unpurled cowl - charrua

This is the same pattern done the original way the pattern is written, done in Charrua that I got from Eat Sleep Knit .

penny rose hot cha cha

penny rose iridescent

I got these 2 sock yarn from The Yarnarian during her sale last weekend. She lives in Morristown, and unfortunately everytime we have a gettogether at Mara's she can't make it. i'd love to meet her as she does beautiful work as you can see. The top yarn is iridescent a mix of purples and pinks, as soon as Angie saw it she was asking that yarn is for something for me isn't it? She didn't know what she wanted but she loves the yarn. The bottom one is Hot cha cha - it actually has a lot of orange and yellow which doesn't show up in the photo. That will be socks for me as soon as I'm done with the pair I'm working on and the 49er socks.


  1. Ooh, I really like the first cowl. It's gorgeous!

  2. Great cowls. I think they are so much fun to knit..and such a quick knit too. Good yarn choices, as well!

  3. Your daughter is beautiful and so is that cowl--love the new yarn

  4. Nice cowls. They are so popular now! :) You are a cutie!



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