Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quick check in

First the most important news - Tony won! Tony won! Woo Hoo Tony Won!! A bit of controversy at the end but Tony won!!

Unfortunately, the 49ers gave away the game, especially 3rd quarter they were actively trying to lose.

Of course, the Cowboys won .... sigh.... Makes Carl and Moe way to happy ( Ok - haven't seen Carl this week :( yet so I'm just assuming...) And the fact that Jeff Gordon crashed early in the race will balance out some of their happiness ( why oh why do I keep making friends with Cowboy fans and Jeffie fans?)

Last night I went to Carmen's son's 8 year old tackle football team. I forgot how small 8 year olds are. He was more amusing to watch than the kids. His Raiders won 13 - 0 . There were some good passes from the Hornets, but they never managed to make anything of it. One pass on the Raiders side, the ball hit the kids hands, bounced on his chest hit the facemask then fell to the ground. i thought Carmen was going to have a stroke. The littlest kid was the biggest nut.

Today, I met up with some of my knitting friends at Mara's. Grace had some suggestions for a possible shawl. I have to think about it. I had a great spinach and portabella quiche, but forgot to ask for no onions on the salad and had to pick them out, yes that is a way to impress people huh?

Tomorrow I have to meet with the executive board of the fencing boosters ( sounds impressive hee hee hee hee) at applebees since we screwed up and scheduled the last meeting for the first night of Rosh Hasshanah ( can't spell) so kind of coincidentally it's the night of Yom Kippur, but it's only the board and none of us are Jewish. Thursday, it's Lauren's to get my nails done and hopefully the farmers market. Some week, It will be a miracle if I get any knitting done at all.


  1. Thought I'd drop by because I knew you'd be excited over Tony's big win! You are friends with Cowboys and Jeff Gordon fans? What are you thinking? LOL OK so I might secretly be a little bit of a Cowboy's fan but Gordie?! No way! Sounds like you have a busy week ahead. Happy knitting!

  2. I was just curious what you were picking out, I surely never met to embarrass you! I had a great time as always, and I bought the bee buttons in Michaels!


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