Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sunday's Pics

Dexter Bean

37 - Dexter Bean

Glock, Dexter Bean's Hauler

Yes I have a second driver! He races in the ARCA series. if he ever ends up in the same race as Tony though, he'll have to settle for second. I kinda picked him at Pocono in June because I really really like Glocks. But after watching him run - the kids got talent. Last Sunday was his first time EVER on a road course. The team used info from a Nascar East team to set up the car because he really didn't know what he wanted. Apparantly he spent a lot of time talking to scott speed (boo) and must have learned something. It took him a lap or 2 to get passing so he fell from 7th to 9th, but hung in there and was driving the turns on the same line as Andy Lally who is some kind of Porsche driving Road course ace ( you have to ask curt - that's more his racing than mine) He was on a different pit cycle and took the lead, hanging on to it until he had to pit again. Unfortunately he seems to have the kind of luck that I bring Upon a driver - bad. Right after the pit stop there were like 17 raindrops falling from the sky, and they called the race!

funny story- I used to work with a guy named Gerry ( I called him Gerry - atric because he kept stabbing my carpet rolls in receiving. The only time we really got along was talking racing - although he's a big drag race fan - more my brother's style) Anyway, I saw him a few weeks ago after I had unloaded my carpet truck ( wink) and since he knows my driver for longer than I have we were talking for almost an hour! He had been delivering race fuel to NJMSP all summer, and I had just been there for the Rolex race. Anywho - As Curt and I were walking around while the cars were being lined up and sent out onto the track, I'm looking at the fuel truck, trying to decide if the one guy looked like gerry ( serious generic white old guy looking) when he starts waving at me. So we walked over and talked until a few crewmen were waiting for gas. Curt was like - I can't take you anywhere!

Andy Lally

Andy Lally

J. Lofton

J. Lofton

Lofton Cattle

Frank Kimmel

Frank Kimmel

Getting wet

Curt plays in mud

Curt plays in the mud!

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  1. Great photos.
    The last one is my favorite.
    He looks like he's having a great time:)


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