Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Knitting updates

biffle socks

Ruth, The Yarnarian, Penny Roses yarn ( She may have more aliases who knows?) is having a mystery sock knit-a-long. Now normally I do not do mystery anythings. I really don't want to put in that much work to end up with an item I either give away 'cause I don't like it or frog it because I don't like it so much I don't want to even burden someone else with it. Before I get a lot of irate comments, I'm not saying all mysteries are bad, ugly or whatever. just that there is no perfect pattern and it's all a matter of personal taste and what I may love you may hate and vice versa. But i do not have a lot of knitting time right now, and I would rather use it making something I love. now socks. Socks tend to be a problem because I hate socks that come up over the ankle bone. All my socks are invisible if I'm wearing sneakers. You only see them if I'm wearing my crocs ( love those shoes) or slides or timberland sandals - I think I have one pair of sketchers mary janish shoes also. The number 2 wearer of my socks is my daughter - who likes her socks even lower than mine. So most sock patterns have a leg part. I don't do the leg part. But I love the pictures of Ruths socks , and I love her yarn ( see a couple weeks ago - my first purchase) So I am going to attempt to do the top rib part of the mystery sock and then catch it at the start of the heel flap. Wish me luck!! Oh yeah and here's another kicker. The pattern calls for solid color yarn. I don't like solid color sock yarn :( So I have the Eclipse above or this yarn below. Anyone with an opinion on which one I should use please comment. I am leaning toward the one on the bottom, but I'm not sure. ( Grace if you're reading this you think outside the sock yarn box - help me!)

penny rose hot cha cha

Here's the latest update on the afghan from hell. I am almost done. Just starting on a black stripe. Need the black, orange,white, black orange and white. All in the 6 row stripes. So 36 rows and bind off! but it has to be done to be mailed out by Monday!! I still also have to finish seaming my red/white/blue 'ghan and crochet 2 rows dc on ends sc on sides of red, white and blue so 6 rows around to make the size right. Also to be mailed by Monday.

afghan update

The 'ghan is kinda rolled up a bit because I'm in the middel of a row.

Then because I'm in total denial about the 2 afghans needing to be done and because Min says she needs some more yellow squares, I made 3 of these lacey squares. ( I rationalized saying the 'ghan was too big to work at the laundromat)

yellow square

It looks kinda mustardy in the pic but it is really bright bright yellow.


  1. I vote for the bottom (pink) yarn. Very pretty.


  2. I too vote for the bottom one, I think if it calls for a solid you will be happier in the long run with that one!!! See you Thursday, we too had snow falling after I posted but none stuck!!


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