Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beale Street - Rum Boogie Cafe

We had lunch one day at the Rum Boogie Cafe. If you are ever in Memphis I strongly recommend it. Curt and I split a sampler meal. There was fried catfish, pulled pork, ribs, red beans and rice, gumbo and 2 other things (remember the mind is the second thing to go)
The food was soooooooooo good. Everything was as close to perfect as you can ask for, and my RL friends can tell you how into southern food I am - especially slow roasted smokey barbeque. Unfortunately we had absolutely no room left for even a bite of dessert.
One of the coolest things (other than the food of course) was the hundreds of signed guitars they had all over the place. That's Curt in the red shirt taking pictures of some. Here are a sampling of my fav's.
The Eagles
I'm dating myself but Mickey from the Monkees!
Stevie Ray Vaughn
I love Sting!
Ted Nugent and Bad Company
Gregg Allman


  1. OMGoodness...that looks like such a fun place to eat. I remember in college there was a place called the Bum Steer that was decorated like that. In addition to good food it had all this fun stuff up. Excellent :)

  2. that is awesome, You make me hungry with that post!


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