Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some of Angie's "haggling"

Some of Angie's haggling victories from the market in Ecuador.

A sweater coat.

A woven scarf.and you can see a bit of her belt.

Two of her four hoodies (these 2 are knit the other 2 are woven) She was wearing one of her woven ones in the Angie's Back pictures.

in lots of colors A few pairs of pants under her scarves on top of her GIANT orange duffle bag.

Just some of the jewelry she brought home!


  1. She is so pretty and what great finds. :)

  2. You raised a talented 'haggler'. The sweater coat is wonderful, and so is everything else. Looks like she had a really fun time on her trip.

  3. oooh shopping spoils its great what she brought home, what did she bring you???


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