Tuesday, July 21, 2009

container garden update

When I was going through my pictures from last summer I realized that last June 29th I had cucumbers from my balcony. On July 9th I had ripe tomatoes, not just grape but patio tomatoes as well!

This afternoon I took these pictures of my cucumbers:


Here are some of my tomatoes ( the ones closer to being ripened)
patio tomatocherry 100's

My peppers:
sweet bellsweet bananaspoblano

And I have a grand total of 8 yes count em' 8 beans spread over 3 plants. Sigh.


  1. we have good years and wet years Guess which this

  2. WOOT...what a great green thumb you have. They are coming right along :)

  3. Just a bit late, but everything looks so healthy. I see some blush on one of your tomatoes. It shouldn't be long now.

  4. Beautiful garden! Even if they're a little slow to grow this year. They look delicious. I'm jealous of your green thumb! I can kill plants just by looking at them... :(

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, btw. We are doing fine. :) The baby's scratches were all superficial and she has already on a couple more bike rides on her daddy's bike since then, and still enjoys them. I'm the one who was traumatized, haha! And bruises... lord, you should see the bruises!


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