Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tumbatu Ecuador

Angie has left to the airport for her trip to Ecuador. I am slightly torn between really excited for her for this amazing adventure she is embarking on and feeling a little lost without my "baby" around.

Here are some pictures from previous trips Global Citizen's Network ran to the village .

C wants a picture of Angie's face the first time she needs to sweep and someone hands her a tree.

Do you think she'll believe this is the mall?? She is looking forward to their R&R day at a nearby popular market place where she is very excited about "haggling"


  1. I know nothing about Equador. Angie will have so many stories to tell when she gets home. It will be interesting to hear about the deals she will make.

  2. i wish her well on her trip and the same to you and Curt as you endure the time without her!!

  3. LOL...sounds like she is in for some shocks...Will be interested to see how she reacts :)

  4. I'm waiting till the reality of "no modern conveniences" sets in...


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