Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vaction Knitting & Yarn Shopping

As always, I brought way more yarn than I could possibly work on in the car on vacation. But better too much than not have anyting to do right? I didn't get all that much done because I was too busy bs'ing with Curt, checking out Braun's trucks on 81 (sad yes, very sad.... I need help) Actually saw 2 Walmart trucks that were not sleeper cabs (sadder) only saw 1 Estees truck that was a sleeper, seriously wondered what Stevens Transport hauled, they have such nice looking trucks. Trying to decide which trucks looked like they'd be fun to unload. ( I have issues). Curt was laughing at me for most of that.

But I worked on my next afghan for the Victory Junction Afghan Competition. VJ AFGHAN

Also on Carribean Dream - the StormCloud Shawlette, in Malabrigo sock in Caribeno. stormcloud shawlette

I only got halfway through the heel flap on Dragon's bruises.
dragon's bruise

I finished the caloriekerchief I was almost done with so I could wear it in Nashville. caloriekerchief2

Curt bought me some MMMalabrigo worsted at Bliss Yarns outside of Nashville. ( I couldn't get a good color shot, the parts that look brown are more of a dark brick red) mmmalabrigo worsted

I got some Happy Feet sock yarn.

happy feet

Curt thinks I should make another kerchief with the number 14 knit in it, so he got some Tahiki cotton for me to work with. <3 him!

tahiki cotton


  1. Wow, you did get a lot done on your vacation! I love everything. I have never knit with Malabrigo, finally after seeing all the wonderful things you make I want some. The afghan is going to be fabulous and the kerchief is really cute.

  2. neat yarns, and your knitting looks great, glad you got to do some!!!

  3. They look great. Excellent work. Thanks for sharing :)


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