Monday, July 20, 2009

Travel pics

We stopped overnite in Staunton, Va right off route 81. When we were heading back to the highway we passed under a trestle and there was the coolest flower pot and watering can. They are huge - you can see the highway overpass to get the scale. I made Curt pull over so I could take a picture-

watering can in Staunton, Va

flower pots in Staunton, Va

There was a cool building that looked like a guitar on 81 that I took a picture from the rest stop-
Guitar building on 81

A few days later when we were heading to Nashville, we wanted to avoid the traffic we saw when we went past on the way to Memphis, so Curt's plan was to aim Garmin somewhere south of Nashville for lunch and then to the hotel would take us around the construction. As I was looking through all the brochures there was an ad for the Loveless Hotel and Cafe. Do you ever watch Throwdown with Bobby Flay? Carol Fay beat Bobby on biscuits and jam. So we went there. OMG - the food was awesome!! But I hate to say the biscuits were ok. I think she won off the jam. They give you three kinds of jam with your biscuits, peach, strawberry and blackberry. The blackberry was absolutely amazing!! We ended up buying jars of all three jams. There are a bunch of shops in what used to be the motel. We definitely helped stimulate the local economy on that stop. We even bought chocolate at an art gallery! How foofoo is that??

loveless cafe

loveless cafe

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  1. Exciting photos!!! Your trip looks like so much fun.

  2. What great pictures. I love 'em What a name for a motel :) Too funny.

  3. I love the pictures of the garden pots. That would be cool to have those in your yarn


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