Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Peabody

The Peabody Hotel in Memphis. It was kind of pricey for my normal vacations, but worth every penny. The sheets were amazing, the first night we had the southern special (forgot the exact name) cocktails, dinner etc.. The Peabody is one of the oldest hotels in Memphis. It is really close- a block or two from all the really cool stuff on Beale St.

I thought the lobby was amazing. Look at the wood work!
Another shot of the lobby. One of the really amazing things about the Peabody, is that they have these ducks that are trained, to take the elevator down from the roof at 11am walk across a red carpet to the fountain in the lobby, swim in the fountain until 5pm at which point they go back across the carpet, up the elevator to their rooftop "house" how cool is that? Seriously?

I realized I have soo many pictures from my vacation in Tennessee that I will have to break up the posts into small segments. I hope you enjoy these pictures. I have had a few people asking about pictures of Angie in Ecuador. I haven't downloaded them from her yet, but they are on there way. Promise.


  1. fantastic pictures of the Peabody and the ducks!!

  2. What a marvelous hotel! I love the story about the ducks.

  3. That is a wonderful post, great pictures and I lobe the ducks.

  4. Oh good! When I saw the title was the Peabody I was hoping you got to see the ducks... :) How kewl are they???

  5. We were at the Peabody in 2004 and my girls were chosen to help usher the ducks into the elevator and up to the roof, into their "nest". It was a memory they'll never forget -- so much fun!

  6. I love the ducks! It is very cool ! Great pictures.


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