Monday, June 14, 2010

Alien eyes?

Quick post today, I'm really tired.  I worked 11 1/2 hours and I mean WORKED.  The last two were strictly my fault.  We have a new carpet set, and even though only one of the new carpets came in, I didn't want to start playing musical pins.  Originally my plan was just to rearrange the rolls on one machine.  BUT since that machine had 2 new carpets ( the one that I have, and one that will be here next week) and only one free pin, one roll had to go to hte next machine.  Here's where my attempt at suicide kicked in.  I didn't want to put that roll on a haphazard pin.  But to put it on the pin it will now call home, I had to move that roll, etc etc. Do you remember the sliding tile puzzles from when we were kids?  It was sort of like that and in the end I moved 36 rolls.  Took 2 hours.  But it's all in the right spot, and one of my minions who is like 10 feet tall ( Ok 6'8" but rounded to the nearest 10) moved all the display samples for me. On the plus side I have to leave work early tomorrow, so it'll even out.

I've had some questions about my vertical garden box, so here's some updated pictures.



Closeup of the plant Curt calls the "alien".  Until today it looked like it was growing eyestalks with white eyeballs.  Well today, I noticed that the white circles broke up into a bunch of tiny buds and it apparently has red flowers!


if I'm showing you the front I may as well show all of it right? SO these are my "happy" flowers on the steps.



My inherited, poorly tended rose bush is now a rose tree I think!


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