Friday, June 4, 2010

Still feel like crap...

and I'm trying to get well enough to survive race weekend (yes folks - NASCAR and ARCA are at Pocono Speedway - woot)  So a short post tonight.  I guess next week I will finish documenting the different plants in my garden.  BUT tonight I am posting about the fruits of my labors (hee hee hee) as in several of my plants are already bearing yummies!

grape tomatoes.... angie is keeping an eye on these

tiny tomatillo

trust me there was no good angle to take this relleno

hot banana pepper



tiny baby cucumbers- still have the flowers attached!

tomatillos - be a while for salsa - put down the chips!

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  1. Come on sister...buck up and get better!!! Think about your daughters upcoming let's get with the program hmmm? *me ducks from the swat upside the head...ROFLMAO!! I hope you get better soon. The veggies are coming along nicely. WOOT!!! I can't wait for the race this weekend :)


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