Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday at the track.

Angie had a bunch of stuff to do to finish final projects due next week. So she exercised some 18 year old freedom and stayed home while we went out to Pocono.  Even though the clouds looked threatening from time to time, the rain held out ( and as I thought it would rain didn't sunscreen - so a little burn - not bad - on my shoulders)  and it was a great day.  Tony finished Happy Hour with a top 10 speed, he's starting 6th so not a bad day.


The ARCA race started a bit after one, does Clark Lewis have some kind of contract with Pocono Speedway?  It's the one track that doesn't use pathetically untalented "singers" with recording contracts that can't do the National Anthem if their lives depend on it!  The first 50 laps were a snooze fest.  I think I actually nodded off for a while.  The driver of the 25, Mikey Kile just passed one car after another ( he qualified 3 miles an hour faster than the rest of the field) the other cars didn't really even put up a fight.   The driver I've been rooting for most of the season, Patrick Sheltra put the biggest fight up and held him off for over 10 laps, with Kile coming up side by side on each lap.  At one point there were only 3 cars on the lead lap - and car 3 was 3/4 of a lap behind- that's over a mile and a half!  There were no cautions for wrecks - only 2 cautions for cars with engine issues.  James Hylton - who will be 76 this year- finished 21st!!  

With 10 laps to go, the second caution flew and Kile came in for a splash of gas.   The only car that was even close to him the 81 of Craig Goess did not.  The race went back green with 5 laps to go and Kile COULDN'T MAKE THE PASS!!!  So Goess only leads 5 laps and wins the race!


celebrates with crew


rest of the field
My driver the green 60 - Sheltra finished 4th - last car on the lead lap.


  1. Damn what I'd give to watch one of those in person. How fun. I"m watching the Nationwide as we speak :) WOOT!!!


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