Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am a dumbass!

Some background first - On Wednesday I had texted my friend C before he delivered my carpet.  When he got to my dock, I asked him why he didn't answer and he said he never got it.  The next morning I get a text from him that said "today is Thursday". SO me being the smartass I am congratulated him on the purchase of a calendar. Then I  realized he must have just gotten my text from the day before.

So, on Friday I was all psyched about going to the Red Bull Air Races this weekend, and told him all about it.  This morning we drove to Jersey City.  No traffic approaching Liberty State Park.  Parked in the first row closest to the waterfront.  And it was already 930.  Pre-race festivities were supposed to start at 10. No crowd.  Walk up to the gate, the guy is talking about how it takes 10 days to set up for the races.  Then we look at the tickets. Which are for the 19th and 20th.  We are dumbasses.  I saw my friend Dennis this morning. he asked me about it,  he saw a commercial on FridaY AFTERNOON  and was going to text me but figured I would have figured it out on my own.  I am sooooo going to get it  on Monday.

But anyway, we were already at LSP so we decided to take the ferry across to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty for a few hours. (right- we ended up getting home at 830)   It was fun.  Funny really when I was in school I hated history.  Well military history with battle tactics was fun, but the rest of history was torture.  Now with no worthwhile tv shows on network I watch mostly Foodnetwork, history, history international, discovery, discovery hd, national geographic channel, science channel, science international and military channel. SO i kinda like history now,

race control tower

Red Bull Tower

I guess they have their own control tower - new meaning to race control!

Ellis Island
Ellis Island main building


Curt and I couldn't agree. I said being considered the Intellectual of Agitation and the Brains of the Movement is a complement.  Curt didn't think so.  But if we both got hit with radioactive goo, he'd be a superhero and I'd be a super villain.


It's been almost 9 years, but the Manhattan skyline still looks weird to me without the towers.  

Statue of Liberty


the old torch is in the base.

not a very friendly face

Not a very friendly face...


would hate to do her pedicure!


I am the geek that was totally into her trusswork

flag from 156 steps up~

I climbed my fat ass up 156 steps to the top of the pedestal.... the climb down was worse because a guy I swear had a cloud of green funk leaving a trail of stench was in front of us.  i thought I was going to pass out.  In the Ellis Island museum was a thing on how they made the new immigrants wash every day.  We seriously need to put that in the constitution or something.

Boats tomorrow!

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