Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boats - and I have issues with freight

So yesterday, when we left Ellis Island and cruised over to the Statue of Liberty ( BTW - airport like security to get on the ferry to get to  Ellis Island.  Then when you go to the Statue you go through the detectors again.  Then when you want to go in the pedestal/statue, you need to leave your bag in a locker and go through screening again!  Seriously - where since last time you checked me would I have come up with something?  frogmen swimming up to the ferry?)  The boats fascinated me.

waiting barges

There were so many freighters and barges waiting for tugs - Port Elizabeth, Port newark and any NY ports getting these boats must still be busy.

tug at work

Tug at work.  As I'm watching them (you'd think I was an 8 year old boy) I'm wondering what's in the containers. ( I mean I do get some of my import stuff through Port Elizabeth - so one of those freighters could have my stuff!!)  And basically wondering why they are all pointed away from Jersey, until the tug turned one.  Curt then agreed with something that was said to me on Friday - that I'm not wound to tight.  SIGH..

mystery grey boat

Maybe Jen knows what these mystery grey boats are, but there were 4 of them and they had serious right away.  The circle line and beast tour boats stopped and other boats turned out of their lane, and the marine traffic didn't go back to normal until they passed.

grey boats have serious right of way!

Even the Statan Island Ferry waited for the grey boats to pass.

cool boat

Cool boat!

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