Saturday, June 19, 2010

Exploding muppet guts

First another big THANK YOU to Thom from Thoms Place for well whatever  a few weeks ago, I won a gift card to Knit Picks from him.  So I finally decided on a 7 skein sock kit with patterns for 7 socks.  It came last week - 



And since I was treating my tootsies , I got myself a second 4 sock kit as well.


My toes are wiggling in anticipation!

I went through a  lot of my yarn-
Curt came home and asked what was up with the "exploding muppet guts" sounds like a comment in my friend Jen's blog ( see sarah winchester on the sidebar) She actually sort of inspired me - because I thought her method of sorting by yarn weight was better than my failed method of by color. ( I own way to much of some colors - not red , can't own enough red! and just one green skein.)  I also had to figure out, what to part with as I was in a side bet for the NASCAR All Star race and needed to send 2 people a skein out of stash.  And I was in a stash swap that I had to send a skein for.( The disaster you see above is about 1/3 of my yarn)


This is 12 pounds of yarn I decided I didn't want and wouldn't ever knit with ( most bought when I was first teaching myself to knit - I've grown out of it) and sent it to a teacher in Jersey City who works with kids after school teaching them to knit and looks for yarn donations. There are also a bunch of plastic knitting needles that I don't use anymore.  I realize school gets out this or next week, but hopefully she can use it next year.

Oh I also have a king size plastic comforter case, and half a twin sized one filled with acrylic yarn designated for afghans that will be sent to my friend Min, to consolidate a bunch of my Ravelry friends' afghans to be donated to Victory Junction Camp in NC.


You Are True

You make everyone around you relax. You just have a naturally easygoing vibe.

You are completely genuine, and you appreciate every person's unique gifts.

You love life, and you are quite content. When you smile or laugh, you mean it!

Friends consider you to have a good heart, and for you, there is no higher complement.


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  1. i have a safe home for yarn here, I use unwanted unloved yarn for comfort shawls for charity so if you do find an extra skein or two pass it on-----I like the donations you did make though all good causes!!!!

    Muppet Guts have to go tell Tom!!!


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