Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another challenge answered!

For NERDWARS, one of the challenges, under the technical category, was bonding.  Just like 2 elements bond together to make another substance, two different fibers needed to be joined together for this project.  And as with all the challenges if you can somehow relate it back to your team's theme you can earn up to 3 bonus points.

My inspiration for my project is Sheldon's sick/Bozite hat:

The pattern I used called for the cable twist every 10 rows which I did for the earflaps, but after thatn I changed it to every 5.




I used Blue sky alpaca's sport 100% baby alpaca (red yarn) and Elan's Incense - 50%wool, 25% silk 25% bamboo (black yarn)  this  actually makes for a more wearable hat as alpaca yarn is warm, very, very bake your brains, warm.  The bamboo and silk are very breathable, so by blending the two you get a hat that would work on the coldest winter day as well as the milder winter days.


  1. Love the hat. Curt looks great in the hat. I love the color too.

  2. Your hat turned out great! I love your idea of combining the two types of yarn too.

  3. I have a 100% alpaca wool hat Amoeba's mom made me and I cannot wear it for more than a few moments at a time! Way too warm!

    I like the looks of this hat -- warm & the height of current fashion.

  4. thank you so much for coming from Grace's land to my blog. I NEVER blog about breastmilk ice creaM REALLY. TRy me again. I promise Im never like this! ha ha hah a
    I love your hat!!!! It is awesome not geeky


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