Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Irish Country Courtship

When I returned my library books a couple weeks ago, I looked around the new release section for a book to read.  (There was nothing I hadn't read in my current favorite authors, and I didn't really want to hit the 1001 books list, I wanted something light and fun)  Those of you who have known me for any length of time know I do have a weakness for Irish things.  Books that take place in Ireland as well.  After looking at several possibilities, this book caught my eye, so I checked it out.

It was a great light read, nothing heavy in the storyline.  Great descriptions of Ireland, and although there was a glossary at the end, it was easy enough reading the conversations and I didn't look at it until a quick perusal at the end.  I did want to smack Barry upside the head a few times for being  whiny.  I loved Fingal the older doctor, Kitty his new girlfriend from his past, and Kinky the housekeeper was great.

I liked it enough that I requested a copy of An Irish Country Doctor to be sent over from another library. 

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