Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two more mini socks

Murphy learns to fly a broom and play Quidditch.  But when he tries to chase the snitch through the hoops....

he finds his arse is just a tad bit too large.

Meggie in a tizzy creates a tornado vortex with her activity!


Editing because one commentor and two IRL friends who read this were confused:

Quick backstory on the socks. Meagheen is a remarkably talented Irish woman who has sheep in Ireland and is a pediatric surgeon in NYS. Her younger brother is Murphy. They use dye bags on their rams to know the father of a lamb. Meagheens are green, Murphy’s are pink and she won’t trade. She designs these cute little socks, and rags on a sheep named after her brother to tease him. The proceeds of the deisgns go to charity.

They both love Harry Potter, and quidditch is a game played in the book, where the teams need to catch a flying ball- the snitch- and go through a hoop. So she had Murphy get stuck in the hoop.

Meggie in a tizzy was actually designed by her sister because Meggie is so busy she’s like a human tornado.

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