Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A take on a top ten


My newest acquisition in funky saying signs.  You can't tell but the wall it is on is painted light blue, so the blue in the pot goes well. Sorry it is a tad blurry, it's over the kitchen doorway,  and I was too lazy to get a chair.

I'm feeling kind of obnoxious today, so I decided for my blog post to do a take on my friend Grace's  blog.

Her topic was 10 things I need to have on hand in case of snow.

1.  Yarns, needles & a pattern - I have more than 5 projects going at any given time do this is never a problem.  And if I get snowed in somewhere else - i generally have one  or two projects in the car- so no problem.

2.  coffee is way more necessary to my survival on a 3-4 hour time frame than tea- but I like to have a "cuppa" in the late afternoon.

3.  Bottled water. Again not a problem- there is a gallon in the fridge - 2 more gallons for when we drink that, an almost full case of 1.5 liter Poland Springs that Curt takes bowling with him, and 2 cases of 20ish ounce Poland Spring. so making coffee won't be a problem :P

4.  Books - I am slogging ever so slowly with War and Peace- the fact that it is on my laptop which never moves is probably slowing that down.  I also have an Irish Country Courtship I'm about halfway through and I just got Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton from good reviews from several of my knitting friends.

5.  The Wii remote.  I have netflix on my Wii - so I thimk a movie would suit on a snowed in day.

6.  Blankets- hmm on a stand by the couch I have..6 Tony Stewart fleece throws, one #14 Snuggie, 2 plain throws. On the back of the couch there is a hand woven Equadoran blanket, and a Noro throw.  But i think I'd end up at some point in bed with my quilt for a nap.

7.  Unless the snow day is Thursday night into Friday, I'm good.  Shopping day is usually Friday so if that were the case I may need a run, but I can survive on staples in my cabinets and freezer for a few days, and in NJ it seriously won't be longer than a day or so.

8.  I go with Excedrin - sometimes the low barometric pressure brings on a headache.

9.  My cell phone.  texts, Ims , Twitters and in a bind it does create it's own mobile wi=fi hotspot so if cable goes out I can still use my laptop to connect to the internet.

10. chocolate. duh.


  1. My friend who runs a coffee shop would seriously love that sign. I am thinking about making her one that says, "Unattended children will be given an espresso and a puppy before being returned to parents."

    This time of year I keep most of that stuff in my car for emergencies -- leaves precious little room for me!

  2. What no Smirnoff? Life is strange out there... ;)

  3. I just requested to add you as friend on good reads too.


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