Monday, February 21, 2011


forbidden love

I did another Creepy Cute Crochet Swap.  This one was to open before Valentine's Day.  The theme was "Forbidden Love"  This is the couple I sent to my spoilee ( it was a secret swap and the person you sent to was not the person sending to you) A lot of people were discussing on the board creating story lines behind their couples, so I used a real life story as an inspiration for mine.

Meet the Amazon princess (her hair and outfit are actually a brighter pink than the picture shows and the dark streaks in her hair are actually purple)  She's a wild child, pretty rebellious, and enjoys giving people a good thrashing now and again. Like most Amazons she was a tomboy and enjoyed taking on the boys in games.  Drinking was her favorite game along with parties and fun.


Meet the computer zombie.  A true nerd/geek, he bowled, played video games and played with his computer.  Quiet and somewhat shy by nature, he was literally knocked over the day he met the Princess.  He was smitten.  It did not matter that all the naysayers warned him away.  They were from different cultures, different religions. He loved computers and majored in electrical engineering, she wanted to see how things worked and loved cars, their engines and racing them - she majored in Mechanical Engineering.  And the worst sign- no matter how hard she tried she just could not remember his name.  

Several years after, they met again and this time sparks flew on both sides.  Their families were set against them - a zombie and an amazon can never work out for the long haul they said.  There is no common ground they said.  They were wrong.  The forbidden love blossomed and they loved creepily ever after.

Tomorrow I'll show you what I got!

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