Monday, February 21, 2011



Meet the cleric, Jeye. Fast, deadly taking on monsters, helping the needy in the name of his goddess Ashtur Arrambi.   Often in his battles, he is joined by the amazon warrior Zara.  When Zara is almost killed in a battle outside the village Rime, they realize their love.  Unfortunately any marriage Jeye wishes to enter into be approved by the high priestess/ goddess's daughter Liesel who believes that the goddess can be better served without distractions.  As an amazon Zara is sworn to remain unmarried or be banished by her tribe.  They decide they must go forward anyway, and a priest they travel with , Abitar agrees that his god Reeve Partel would definitely approve of the union and agrees to marry them.

Total swap - coffee for the reception, mitts to keep warm in the cold forest and a pattern for mitts.

After receiving my package a call was sent out for swap "angels".  Angels are people willing to step in when someone flakes out and does not send their swap package out and leaves someone hanging... Since this swap was for 2 creepies, 2 angels worked together.  I volunteered (last spring I got flaked on by 3 different swaps- it totally sucked)  and my angel partner and I decided that I would make a devil and she would do a cleric ( we wanted to choose creepies we could bang out quickly - basically ruling out any with hair) We decided that they met on E-Cacophony and their first date would be at our spoilee's house.  As for why it was forbidden come on - the devil and a cleric??


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