Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Anniversary

Curt and I celebrated our Anniversary today.  Curt actually woke up with me ;p!  I must sadly admit- we finally took down the rest of the Christmas stuff...exciting life I lead....

For a late lunch we  went to Hot Rods ( a serious BBQ/Cajun restaurant with a Hot Rod car theme) this time of year they do a Mardi Gras theme - of course Curt was allergic to most of the Mardi Gras specials but I ordered the etouffee.  He ordered ribs.  For dessert we had chocolate cups filled with mousse.  He started laughing weirdly at the waitress - apparently when she said chocolate mousse, he pictured Bullwinkle dipped in chocolate in a bowl!!  He had orange creme mousse, I had malted milkshake mousse,  Very yummy.

Then of course it being saturday nite - he went bowling. 

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  1. Happy Anniversary Ria. Congratulations to you both. Your day sounded just lovely!


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