Saturday, April 23, 2011

I won a contest!!

From the Jersey Represent forum on Ravelry, I "met" and entered in Yarny girl's blog contest.  She had gotten 2 copies of the book, The Knitting Diaries for her birthday.  I guess the original winner had never contacted her with mailing info ( seriously - the last time I had a contest on my blog, the winner never responded- why enter a contest if you aren't going to respond if you win??)  I was the alternate winner.  I was expecting just the book- but she surprised me with these cute stitchmarkers as well!  You can check out her blog - it's on the left side on my bloglist.  or her etsy shop at




  1. Yay for you, Ria!!! Congratulations again and so glad you like the stitchmarkers!! Thanks for playin'!! And thanks for the plug! Take care,
    Chriss a.k.a YarnyGirl

  2. congrats. I am reading this book now. I love the stitchmarkers.


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