Saturday, April 9, 2011

Super Hero Coasters

These coasters were created as an answer to another NerdWars challenge.  It was based on an Anglo-Saxon Poem/Riddle whose answer is a shield.  And coasters shield a table right?  As always to get some bonus points for my team I used The Big Bang Theory for inspiration.

 I made the background coasters by crocheting using Full O'Sheep - one of Debbie Stollers yarns and then fulled and blocked them back to circular.  I made Wonder Woman, Batman, the Flash and Green Lantern. (sorry Raj - just don't know what to make for Aquaman) I have the background done for Superman but haven't done the needle felting.  After the fulling I used roving to needle felt the logo.  Except for Batman- I thought I had black roving but didn't.  I tried to deconstruct the black yarn but it didn;t work out to well.  SO I used a thin piece of felt.  It did stick into the coaster after the needle felting but didn;t really integrate as well.



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