Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project Me- 8

It's been awhile since I posted a Project Me update.

The biggest thing I've done is realize that Wii Fit and a ton of workout/fitness/yoga fitness videos aren't going to help me on the shelf.  There are just too many distractions at home.  So I joined World Gym.  I looked at several gyms.  Planet Fitness was the least expensive, but I'm kind of right smack in between two of them, and (yeah I thought about how high gas was going to get this summer) I realized that I might start making excuses based on , it's rush hour there's traffic and when I'm done it'll be rush hour and there will be traffic, and I don't feel like driving 5 miles. I ruled out the several good gyms near work because if I worked out after work, it would be the start of rush hour and I hate traffic.  And realistically I'm not driving 28 miles each way on the weekend. Then I can get a discount at LA Fitness, but once again traffic and turning around - it's on the wrong side of the highway.

So the realization came that I needed to just look at gyms close to home.  I ruled out shapes & curves because they aren't my style.  So that left Fitness Factory and World Gym.  Both are within a mile from my house ( they are about a block away from each other)  Fitness Factory seemed to be more the muscle head kind of place (granted it could be when I went- but that's when I'd be going)  and it had a funky smell. (very smell sensitive)  World gym had everyone from a really old man who put his cane down to walk on the treadmill, a couple pregnant women, several people significantly heavier than me, the usual really perky skinny women, two female bodybuilders (not headed there)  and male bodybuilders.  It also didnt smell bad, was really open and bright if a bit warm.  They have a bunch of classes that eventually I may try.  

I signed Curt up with me ( yes, I asked him first)  because event though he looks fitter, he's not. He's been going 3 times a week.  I've been going 5-6 times a week (ok it's only been 3 weeks)  I started out week 1 with 30 minutes plus 5 minutes cool down on the elliptical machine, alternating between the cardio and fat burning programs.  Week 2, I went to 40 minutes on the fat burning day and added a random day into the cycle.  Week 3, I made all three days 40 minutes and added regular and side crunches.  This week, we are adding an ab machine that uses weight that you twist on ( will get name later) and the back  machine.  Also starting tomorrow, every other day instead of the elliptical , is going to be the cardio weight circuit.

I am seeing most of my doctors today (one had a personal emergency and since I do not really care to see his partner is postponed until June) So I will let you know if I lost any weight.  Not really sure since I'm definitely not dieting!


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