Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have to comment on some current events.

Before I start, I am first saying that this post has nothing at all to do with my personal feelings or political views on gay marriage.  Any and all comments trying to create controversy about that subject will be deleted.

Several days ago, NY State legalized gay marriage.  Amid all the hoopla surrounding this, several of the larger NY corporations, led by IBM announced that after a time period (honestly I missed the exact amount, and since I'm already married I'm not looking it up for Y'all)  it will be discontinuing benefits for same sex domestic partners.  Keep in mind that they never had benefits for opposite sex domestic partners.  I understand why they had the benefits for DP's.  I also understand that in this world, sadly to say, marriage is more a legal and financial institution than a romantic one.  The 'til death do part thing has become a sham in modern times. (No I don't believe in no-fault divorce.  I do believe there are times when divorce is necessary, but with the no-fault laws in every state, you now there's an out when you take your vows - so how serious are the vows anymore) 

Now there is outrage  and I am confused.  People fought really hard to be able to have the rights, benefits and headaches granted with the marriage contract.  Now they have them.  It's not like these companies are saying you need to be married next week.  But if the choice for marriage vs living together is now an option the same as for heterosexual couples,  why is it such a controversy that a stop gap measure utilized because the option wasn't there , should be removed after the option exists??  Equality and fairness goes in both directions.  If I hadn't married Curt and had chosen to have a committed live in relationship with him instead, I wouldn't be outraged at not getting benefits .  I did marry him and I get his benefits.  If they do not chose to get married that is their option as well, but since it is now an option not a forced situation, the resulting benefits or lack therein are their choice as well.

Rant over.

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