Saturday, March 10, 2012

Busy Day

Actually busy couple of days.  Unloaded a whole bunch of stuff at the Goodwill donation center.  Everything from clothes,  old boardgames no one plays, kitchen gadgets I bought but don't like/use (that microwave pasta tube thing?? next time I try buying something like that shoot me) movies on VCR, some video games.  Seriously 3 carloads.  And you don't even want to know how many garbage bags were involved. At some point in the next month or so will be a smaller round 2. (and I still think the producers of Hoarders would drool - and I've never actually watched the show)

I had a bunch of people over for lunch today, took advantage of the beginning of my cousin's daughter's spring break with the end of the Angie's break.  So it was Norman, his wife Marian, son Will - recent college grad lives with them in VA, his girlfriend Brittany - recent college grad from Pittsburgh, son John - going to grad school in NJ, daughter Kristen (already mentioned - on spring break from Gettysburg) My mom - who got lost after making a weird turn on the way to my house , and an hour and a half late  - my sister Anna and her husband Joe (no it's been 105 days, it's been 100 days since they closed on their perfectly liveable house and no they still live with their respective mommies)

After they left I had to run a few errands and shop with the Angie for stuff to take back to school with her.  Curt is currently at bowling.  Tomorrow morning we need to run and take care of something before dropping the Angie back at her dorm - so we will be there later than normal.  Hopefully we get her situated with enough time before the race - that we still have time to grab some food before watching the race with my catphew Fe.... oh and his human Min...  And I like an idiot - will get home late - and have to be back at work monday - who schedules their return to work right after the clocks spring forward???

I hate daylight savings time!! Screw the evening people!! Us morning people deserve a life not in darkness you know!!.

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  1. the indian saying is one of my absolute favorites, tom has no work again---we are in serious deep trouble here, I guess he is going to have to start looking for another job---when he said as much to the boss the boss did not disuade him. this is not good!


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