Thursday, March 8, 2012

Swap Goodies

I got 2 swap packages in one day.  The first one I opened because I smelled coffee, was from Dorothy in Canada for the CPaAG Junk Foodies, Hot Damn hot beverage swap on Ravelry.  (Before you wonder, no I am not a member of the CPaAG - but I do belong to this one splinter group.


I also got my mystery ball from Grace's swap from Katherine.  The "gimick" of this swap was that everything you add to the swap has to be wound into the ball of yarn.   So here's the ball:


I haven't got time to unwind right now though. sorry.


  1. Both swaps look great I love the mug in the first one!!!! Just learned in my last swap there was a flaker and I feel so bad, I wish they had let me know sooner!! This swap all is good!


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