Saturday, March 17, 2012

Did you ever feel like your life was slowly turning into a slide show from LOLcats?  And that your ever helpful friends keep sending you more to  prove it to you?  Here are a few from this week:

When the Angie was little she went through a phase where everytime she got her picture taken she tried winking for the camera.  The only problem was - she couldn't wink (yes I still tease her - and she has thus become an expert winker) so she would end up with weird contorted faces.

I have a new minion-in-training at work. (Ok boiled down to who didn't piss me off) who came to a realization (he called it sad hmmmf) that he had just done something because he knew I would tell him to do it momentarily.  So we now have WWRD (What Would Ria Do?)

Then - even when I was young and athletic - running was never my thing.  I could be quick (tennis & fencing demand it) but while I had a really good batting average , and I pretty much always powered it out far enough that I got on base - there were no triples on my stats sheet.

And finally - my ability to nap just about in any position , and my "alleged" bed thievery led to these

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