Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This is post #1005 for me.  Since May 2008.  I would have done a big 1000th post - but since I don't always hit the dashboard, I missed it - and 1005 is just kind of lame don't you think??

Grace came over this afternoon - She didn't get lost!! I had a great time as always.  Grace was my partner for her mystery yarn ball swap.  (finally - we've been in sooooo many swaps together but never get partnered!)  So what was very cool was getting to watch her open/unwind her swap.  Although calling it a ball was a bit of an exaggeration


Grace has some dietary restrictions - and so for dessert (yes starting with dessert) I found a great recipe that uses oats and quinoa to create the crumble crust for a fruit crumble ( I made blueberry - they looked best)  Of course do I read the directions??? NOOOOOOOooooooooo.  So the topping needs to be pre-baked and then baked on top of the fruit.  I didn't make it until this afternoon - because crumbles should be warm.  So she was just trapped here longer! 

We had salmon, bacon, arugula, brie & spread made of sourcream and dill sammies, and a spring greens salad.  Totally yummy I thought - I hope she enjoyed it as well.

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  1. I truly did enjoy visiting with you at your home, it was a nice relaxing afternoon before coming home to the you know what hitting the fan. The food was delicious and I appreciated your effort at meeting my culinary needs. Thank you for all my swap goodies!!! See you soon!


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