Monday, March 5, 2012

Must get organized

I currently have yarns all over the living room carpet,  And books and mags piled around.  Haven't gotten to the stuff from my "craft corner" yet.  Before I go back to work - this will be organized.  I can't knit from stash if I have no idea what is there.  I bought a cute basket to keep my magazines in.  I also bought this cute rolling shoe rack:


There are 6 pockets on each side.  I have my eyes/buttons etc in one.  my two knitting noddys in another.  Most of my projects are single skein projects - so yarn & pattern fit in any of the cubbies w/o a problem - and even my chessboard - which has 6 skeins of yarn - fit inside.  This is going to be for my WIP's not currently in a bag - and yarn "on deck"  Well that's the plan anyway...

Hopefully I'll have organized pictures for you by Sunday!!

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