Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to work


So, its back to work for me today. sigh. I worked so many hours on the 23rd so everything would be done for me to go on vacation. I know Dennis tries, but I know what it's like when he just covers flooring. I'm dreading hardware also. This is going to sound like the pod people got me. but while I was kind of bummed my carpet delivery 2 mondays ago got pushed to Wednesday, I'm glad I shouldn't have any outstanding po's so I won't get a carpet truck until Friday. C's usually off Friday so I won't see him until the following Monday. Sorta sad, but I won't have time to play anyway. I told the gals from the knitting group that Mon and Tues wouldn't work for me because I know I won't get out before 3:30 at earliest. Wednesday will be sketchy too. But since they won't allow overtime in January, I'll be out early on Thur.

Remember my tirade on Resolutions yesterday. Well the first plan I need to figure out to implement (not a resolution) will be how to deal with hardware and flooring without hating life and being pissed off all the time. I don't know how to achieve this, and my usual stress relief of unloading trailers isn't going to work because of the sheer time constraints. ( No I'm not giving up my carpet truck, even on days C doesn't drive. That trailer's mine!) So positive attitude. Starting out with a positive attitude. ( don't know if it will last past 4:01 but I'm starting with one)

Angie goes back to school today ( although wth practice and 2 tournaments she's been in a lot anyway). She has 3 meets this week, but thankfully they are all home meets.


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