Saturday, January 31, 2009


That's how much of the year has gone by already.  Kind of unbelievable isn't it??  Me, I've spent half the month not feeling well.  I started coughing the 14th, got really sick the 16th, started getting better the next week, but now I'm like stalled at maybe 80%.  I've still really wanted a nap everyday (only got 2 this week) am low on energy (ok, for me that's like being a normal person instead of the energizer bunny, but I'd like me back please) and still have that knotty feeling at the top of my chest with the occasional  cough and have to  blow my nose periodically.  This sucks.

Angie has failed her drivers test twice.  sigh.  She has also been working on her schedule for next year ( senior year - gulp)  So far she has - Calculus / Geom honors, Physics 2 AP, Survey of World  Lit& Comp honors, 1/2 year Sociology, 1/2 year Animal Behaviour, French 4 honors, Statistics A
p, gym/health, Foundations of Philosophy (since that doesn't get enough kids to run  every year she has  Multi media Business Presentations as an alternate, but after talking to some kids taking the class now she wants a different alternate because she thinks the class won't be advanced enough considering what she already does to accompany presentations in her classes (they have presentations not oral reports in her school, they are even expected to dress appropriately - I ould have hated that) ) I know most kids would look for an easy class especially with 5 honors/Ap classes, but she knows if she has an easy class she won't do well, she does her best in harder classes. weirdo.

Work has gotten a wee bit better.  I've kind of learned my way around the hardare dept.  I only need to ask J for help finding things occasionally. What is still making me nuts is the overnite guy who needs glasses, but doesn't like wearing them.  So even though the sku number is printed on most of the packages in the tool area, he looks at the picture to figure out where things go. So SAE and metric are all mixed up, wood bits with bi-metal.  I had a minor tantrum about it the other day and started  throwing stuff on the floor.  Also the dept sup keeps trying to cheat the system, but he's not consistent about it so half the time I'm just guessing.  And I'm really not going near any of it with a ten foot pole.  All he needs is an auditor to look close and he can get termed for falsifying documents.  And the sad part is it is wholly unnecessary.  If he just ran his dept right.  D has been pissing me off.  He keeps complaining he's bored and has been using personal time to go home early every day.  It's not his fault.  He has about 1,000 skus he's responsible for.  While he does pack out spray paint every morning, he doesn't do anything in recv.  I have 14,000 sku's,  unload the carpet truck 3 afternoons a week, and keep the carpet machines filled.  Also as a machine trainer, everyone in the building needed to be recertified on the different lift trucks this month.  The store mgr yelled at D the one day he was trying to help me because  I had a ton of price changes and exception counts to do. Told him to go back to paint.  I'm telling you he hates me. And the company eliminated 7,000 positions yesterday.  There are also re-srtucture changes taking effect next week.  I know my position is part of that restructure but  no one knows exactly what will happen.  The rumors are everywhere from cutting down to 4 of us, to getting rid of all of us.  While a lot of people are freaking out, I refuse to do so.  It won't change anything in the long run, and I know I'm the best at my job, and even the mgrs that really don't like me know they need me. It's kind of sad to watch people who are used to just skating along suddenly trying to do their jobs right,  one thing that they can't avoid is that it takes a lot longer to un-do a reputation than it took to build it.  

Craft wise - I still have one short fingerless glove to finish and those ends to weave in.  I need 6 more squares for my VJGC afghan but , I may make 8 or 9 because I laid out my squares last week and wasn't happy with the balance.  I have to figure out where I left of on the pink anklets  9 i really need to make notes, especially when I don't pick up a project for a month.  I started Breeze - anklets from knitty. I'm using the wicked stepmother yarn I bought from Ruth over the holidays.  I have 4 of the 6 flowers I'm making for the knit flower project.  I want to finish 2 more this afternoon, so I can mail them out this week.  

My house is an absolute mess.  I just don't have the energy to pick up after my 2 slobs.  I need to get it cleaned up, because it is sucking the energy out of me.  

So tomorrow is the super bowl.  Who are you rooting for?  I 'm going for the Cardinals.  I really can't root for an AFC team unless they're playing the cowboys ( sorry C!) I do love polomalu on the steelers, if I had a son who played football I would make him watch steeler games just to see this guy play.  He really puts out 100% no holding back every play of the game.  And he is a complete nutcase on field but a nice guy off.  I can't stand Warner, but the Cards need him to have a shot. At least in NJ,Steeler fans are highly obnoxious and I don't want to hear them forever.  Ultimately the reason I'm backing the cards is pure selfishness.  Right now, the 49ers, the Cowboys and the Steelers all have 5 rings.  Neither the cowboys nor the 49ers are in a position to be a shoe-in for next year to tie it up, and I don't want the Steelers to be the only team with 6 rings.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Now tom's helper is a huge Steeler fan from infancy and that is why we need the steelers to win, if John is unhappy then Tom is unhappy then grace is unhappy, you getting how this works, otherwise I would be NFC all the way!

    Rest, the house work will be there when you feel better

  2. I'm right there with Grace. If my DH is unhappy then I'm unhappy. He's a BIG Steeler's fan and quite frankly, it doesn't matter to me. I just join in on the fun regardless.....LOL


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